March 22

#1 Hack to Beat the New Facebook Algorithm Changes (2018)


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Facebook’s new algorithm is changing from a site where they’re sharing a lot of links to more of a conversation. Here’s how you can hack the latest Facebook algorithm changes. ►►Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips:
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0:05 We’re here for another Q & A Thursday. I’m accompanied by Adam from and this week’s question is about the new Facebook algorithm changes, and for those of you who don’t know much about this, this is something that Facebook has been rolling out over the past couple months, which basically Facebook is changing from a site where they’re going to be sharing a lot of links, and things like that, to more of a conversation. A lot of the websites and Facebook pages that are sharing links to blogs and things like that, that’s getting downgraded on the news feed. I wanted to hear what Neil’s thoughts are on the future of Facebook and where you see all this going.

2:00 Even if you share amazing content today, but if they didn’t engage from the last month, and you kept sharing information, then your content’s not going to show up in their news feed because Facebook’s thinks users don’t care to engage. If you share new content, we don’t care because your users don’t like it. So instead of posting links, what you need to do is redo your strategy with the Facebook algorithm changes. Start creating conversations, like text-based messages and asking people questions. You mentioned in the algorithm, what do they want to do, they want to create more.

4:00 We’ve tested this out on Facebook, and what we found is, every time that we respond to a comment, we get a bit more than 20% more comments. If we don’t respond to any comments, people are like, oh well this page is over. I wish it were where you get double or triple the number of comments by responding. I’m excluding our comments, like me responding back. In general though, 20 plus percent more comments by just responding, that’s great. There’s more engagement. Once you build up your fan page by creating videos, questions, engaging, putting pictures of your family, sharing your personal life, even though I dislike that.

4:40 At that point, then mix in links to your website, and when you’re putting in links from your website, just don’t share the link and a thumbnail, write a paragraph or a sentence above. I know a lot of times, I even miss this step because I’m just busy, and I’m on the road, but there’s no excuse, even I don’t have one, because you can schedule in advance, and by writing something that’s engaging or provocative, you’ll get way more likes, comments, clicks, and that’s what it really takes to do better with the Facebook algorithm changes, and you can’t be sharing links all of the time. You need to mix it up. I would say roughly 70 plus percent of the content that you put on Facebook or your fan page these days needs to be questions, conversations, video.

6:60 It’s not about having a lot of fans on Facebook. It’s about having a small amount but having them super engaged. That’s the key to doing well with the Facebook algorithm changes.

7:05 Like. Share. Let other people know about it if you like the content, and thank you guys for listening. Anytime you guys have questions, even if it doesn’t get answered in the weekly Q & A Thursday video, leave a comment. I promise I’ll respond. It may take me some time because the comment count is increasing, but I do enjoy helping you out, and so does Adam.


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