September 24

1 Simple Facebook Marketing Tip to Engage With Your Fans!


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Facebook is a social network that allows you to connect and market to your fans. So how do you connect better and engage them? Subscribe here to learn more of my facebook marketing tips:
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It may sound like simple facebook marketing for beginners, but a lot of people get their facebook cover page wrong. So the first thing you need to do is something that relates with your audience. For example, if you look at my page, one of the Facebook cover photos that I’ve used over and over again is of Brazil. The reason I have this is because we’ve been expanding to Brazil over the years and we wanna relate to our Brazilian fans and audiences.

We already have a large English-speaking audience, and this allows the Brazilians to fall in love with us, connect with us, and they’ll be like, “Oh my God, you guys also love Brazil.” Like, “Yeah, we’re here to support you.”

And this social media marketing strategy helped us grow quite a bit in Brazil.

The second thing you should consider is putting something in the cover photo to describes your business, your product, and your digital marketing service.

So whatever you’re selling, whatever you’re trying to help them with, you can be placing that within your cover photo image.

For example, Gary Vaynerchuk educates and he’s all about motivating and educating other people, so what he does is he shows a cover photo of himself.

He puts his signature in there, he shows a image of himself, and then he’s just like, hey, this is me, Gary Vee, right? And that’s a great way of how he relates and connects with his audience.

And last but not least, you should consider putting a video within your cover photo. So if you really wanna go above and beyond, connect with people, describe who you are, your business, how you guys are awesome, and by doing that you’re much more likely to be connected, engage with them, comment on the page, share it, right?

Follow those tactics and you’ll have amazing cover photo that people can engage with, relate with, and you know what? Once they do, they’re gonna be on your page, sharing, liking, and commenting.


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