March 22

2 Personal Questions ANSWERED: My Hair Loss Story + What I Do for Fun


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When I was around 18, I would wake up every morning, and there’d be around like 50-60 hairs on my pillow. Today I’m answering some VERY personal questions.►►Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips:
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You lose hair naturally each day, but you don’t wake up with 50-60 pieces of hair on your pillow every day.

I started taking this medicine called Rogaine; it helps grow more hair. And then I started taking this pill called Propecia, that helps you keep your hair. So Rogaine helps you grow more hair, Propecia helps you keep the hair that you’re growing.

My mom said it was stress. I think it’s genetics. I’m good at handling stress, and I’ve dealt with like FTC investigations, class action lawsuits, and in business, you’ll go through all these things, and a lot of them you will pass, and you deal with all this stuff. Make money; you lose money. The stress, I don’t think was an issue. More genetics, it runs in the family. But I think I was more of an extreme case. I did the medicine for years. Maybe it was like 6, seven years.

I was at a family wedding in Dallas or Houston, one of those regions, and one of my uncles was a doctor, and he told my Dad, “Oh your son shouldn’t be taking Propecia. There are studies that show it can cause cancer” or something; I don’t know all the stats. And you know when parents nag? I love my parents so much. It’s easier to just do what they want versus hearing it. So they didn’t want me to take medicine anymore, and because my family members are doctors, that’s where I get my prescription from, and then there just like “Oh no more for you.”

No, technically I started going bald, I tried more stuff, and once I was going to this hairdresser and she’s like oh I do this A-list celebrity’s, I won’t say his name, he does a lot of movies, and you guys have all seen him. He’s like, yeah I put his fake wigs on, and it looks real. It’s like a contact lens that just goes up. And she’s like, you want me to do it for you? And it was crazy expensive, like $3000 a month. And so I was like alright, let’s try it out. I did it, and you know, within the first few days of having it, and they like to make it match your hair color to the T, no one can tell.

My head’s getting itchy. So I started trying to itch. And then I’m like, wait; I need to go in once every two weeks. I travel everywhere when I speak. I’m like, I’m not going to go in. And I’m like, what was I thinking? So like, it’s medical grade glue, I don’t know how to rip it out, but it was hard. It was hurting to rip it out. I didn’t want to go back cause I was a little lazy. My buddy Devil helped me. We ripped it off, I shaved the rest of my head, cause they only shaved the middle part, and then they kept the hair on the sides, and I’m like, screw this. I’m like, I’m done with this. And I went bald permanently.

Some people laughed at me. Some people said you look crazy. Some people said you should go back with hair. I can do hair transplants and stuff, I just didn’t care. I just want low maintenance. And with me, I’ve always been someone who doesn’t care what people think, and I’m like, oh this will be easier. And then I was like, wait, I was spending hundreds of dollars, forget what I spent on the hair wig fake thing, but I was spending hundreds and hundreds a month on hair products and stuff, and haircuts. And I was like, wait I can save all this money. So then I just went bald, and I shave my head myself, and I don’t ever have to pay for another haircut again.

What do you like to do when you’re taking a little time off? When you take any time off?

I do escape rooms; those are fun. I do a lot of sports. So I don’t necessarily play tons of sports anymore. I used to when I was a kid. But I go to a lot of basketball games. I go to football games. I wanted to go to the Superbowl, but I missed it. I couldn’t. Scheduling conflict. But I love sports. So I love Formula One, basketball, football. I don’t like baseball much. I watch a decent amount of golf still.

I did test drive a Ferrari on a race track, because buddies drove me, and then I was like, man I had to pay a few hundred bucks to test drive a car, and I don’t even like driving? When I was on the race track, the instructor sits next to you. People are overtaking me, because keep in mind, I haven’t driven a car in ages, and it gives me the anxiety to drive cars, he started turning for me. He was just like; he was shaking his head. And I’m like, I told you I’m a terrible driver. But like, he started turning the steering wheel because I almost went into the wall a few times. And I wasn’t even going that fast. And everyone was passing me because they said, you’re the slowest most terrible driver I’ve ever sat next to. And I was like, meh. It is what it is.


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