March 22

3 Advanced Hacks to Grow Your Business with Instagram Stories


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I’m Neil Patel, and today we’re here for another Q&A Thursday. I’m here with Adam from .

This is from Wedoeconsult, and this is, “How to use Instagram Stories to their best, Neil?”

If you want to use Instagram Stories, the best way is to use it to generate leads. Instagram Stories is all about creating a story.

Before we get into Instagram Stories, how about you tell me some storytelling tips because I know you do a lot of storytelling when it comes to YouTube and videos, and Instagram Stories is another form of videos.

Instagram Story Hack #1: Start at the end of the story.
What is the core message you’re trying to get to? I think a lot of people will start Instagram Story or a video just talking about a topic, and they don’t know what the end point is. So really start with the end in mind.

I was talking about Instagram Stories like this; you would click away pretty quickly. Don’t click away, all right? We’re going to improve our body language.

When you’re doing storytelling, as Adam said, make sure your point comes across using good emotion, body language. That way, people are engaged and hooked.

Here’s how I’d use Instagram Stories. Think about what you’re trying to pitch. Let’s say you’re a consulting shop, like me. We have a consulting company called Neil Patel Digital. We’re an agency, and we’re pitching marketing services. I could start my story with, early in the morning, “Hi everyone; I got something exciting for your guys today. “Over the next eight hours, I’m gonna teach you guys “how to double your Google traffic. “And no, this isn’t any click-bait type of stuff. “I’m gonna show you how to double your traffic. “Stay tuned.” And then, every hour, I can give a tip.

Instagram Story Hack #2: Create a unique URL.
One little hack that we found, because we run a ton of paid video advertising, this works for Instagram Stories, as well, is creating even a unique URL for that campaign, so like Neil could be like, “Hey, go to,” and that forwards to and a squeeze page that is just for that video. So I do that all the time for different things. So it’s like, “Hey if you’re interested in secret training, go to” Now, we don’t host anything there. It forwards.

With Instagram, you can drive people to your website doing the swipe up, so you can always tell them to swipe up, and it can go to your website. I know a lot of people don’t swipe up. We have tested this out, and that’s why I also said make sure you tell them to go to your consulting site or a landing page, but also do the swipe up at the same time.

Instagram Story Hack #3: Use a call-to-action.
The swipe up works better for consumer-based products than it works for B2B, but in combination of doing the swipe up, telling people to take action, telling them where they can go to your website, telling them at the very end where they can go for a recap or a checklist or swiping up to get that.

Those are all great ways to get people from Instagram back to your website, and of course, getting the conversions as well. So that’s it for this week’s video. Make sure you leave a comment, share, or like the video. Appreciate you guys watching. Subscribe. Thank you very much. We’ll see you next week.


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