November 6

3 Ways to Write Content That Will Go Viral | Get More Facebook Shares!


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You’re writing content, but no one’s sharing your content on the social web. This is your viral marketing strategy.

You’re using online marketing tools and you want to learn how to write content that generates a ton of social shares and goes viral.

You know what’s funny?

I hate to say this, but that’s the wrong thinking for digital marketing in 2018.

Writing content isn’t the problem.

Sure your content does affect how many social shares you’re getting, but I’ve done some interesting studies.

When I get thousands of likes on Facebook or a lot of reTweets, you know what’s happening?

I’m getting less traffic, than how many likes and shares I’m getting on the social media sites.

That means people aren’t even reading my content, and they’re sharing it ahead of time.

That’s crazy, right?

Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you how to write content that generates more social shares.

Based on what I just told you it’s not really about the content, it’s actually about the headline.

From all the tests I’ve done, I’ve learned that eight out of ten people read your headline, but only two out of ten people will read the rest of your content.

Sure you don’t want to create crap content.

And you want to write amazing content, and I have a lot of videos that teach you already how to do that.

But if you want to generate more social shares it’s all about the headline.

And the way you want to write amazing headlines is a few things. One, make sure a headline is around five to seven words.

When your headlines are too long, for some reason, it’s just overwhelming, and people don’t want to share.

When it’s too short people, don’t know what your contents about and they’re not gonna share it.

The next thing you want to do when you’re writing your headline is use adjectives.

When you’re using words like “effortlessly,” what will happen is people will think it’s easy. That’s way better than ten ways to double your search traffic.

Everyone wants the easy route.

The third tip I have for you is when you’re writing headlines, create some mystery. For example, “The seven benefits of green tea, #6 will shock you!”

Whoa whoa whoa, what’s number six?

I want to know what’s number six.

People are much more likely to share your content, even read it, when they’re like oh wow, number six must be crazy if they said number six would shock you.

Now if your number six is a plain point, people are going to be like oh I don’t trust Neil anymore. I’m not going to share his content.

So don’t dupe people, don’t trick them. Make sure when you’re using this tactic you have amazing tips and techniques.

It’s that simple. If you do that with your headlines, you’re going to generate way more social shares.

Generating social traffic isn’t just about your content. It’s more about your headline.


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