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7 social media predictions that will happen by the end of 2019


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Social media is about to change and unless you follow the tips in this video, you’re not going to do well. Today I’m going to break down seven social media predictions and trends that’ll come true in 2019.

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Prediction number one, all these social networks are going to prefer video in 2019.

LinkedIn now has live, there’s YouTube Live, there’s Facebook Live. Facebook loves video. Instagram even likes videos more than images now and they’re going to push on that harder and harder.

Doesn’t have to be studio based quality video. You can just bust out your phone and start filming. That’s how effective it will be.

The second prediction I have for you is brands will have more weight.

There’s this big issue of fake news. It’s not just even on the social sites. It’s even with sites like Google.

They’re tired of pushing fake news. They’re not doing it on purpose but the way that they’re going to solve this is by focusing more on brands.

Being at offline events, conferences, speaking, all this kinda stuff will help build up your brand and your corporate brand so that way you’re going to start doing better on the social web.

The third prediction I have for you is likes and shares won’t mean much.

It’s all going to be about comments. LinkedIn wants comments, Facebook wants comments, Instagram.

The more comments you get, the better off you are.

In your content, you’re going to have to encourage people to leave comments.

It’s easy to click a Like button. It’s much harder to leave a comment and they’re not just going to look at comments like yes’ or no’s.

They’re going to want in-depth comments. So the more in-depth comments you have, the better off you’re going to be.

The fourth prediction is advertising’s going to get tougher.

Yeah, you all know costs are going to go up but the reason it’s going to get tougher is because it’s going to move into branded.

Right now, there’s so many affiliates who are still doing somewhat well and they’re making millions of dollars from Facebook and all these social sites through ads but it’s getting tougher and tougher.

It’s because companies like Coca-Cola are like, yeah, let’s run branded campaigns with our polar bear and what are we going to base it off of? Of yeah, we’re getting more likes to our polar bear.

That’s what big corporations do and as they do that, it’s going to make advertising harder and harder for you because brand dollars are much bigger than dollars that affiliate marketers are willing to spend to get an ROI.

The fifth prediction I have for you is social media platforms will all have similar algorithms in 2019.

What you’ll find is as you drive traffic to your website, it gets harder and harder.

Why, because the longer they keep them on their own social platform, the more money they make.

They don’t wanna drive traffic to your site. They wanna keep them on Facebook. They wanna keep them on LinkedIn. That’s what benefits them the most.

That’s how they make the most ad dollars.

You wanna drive traffic to your site? Pay them for ad dollars.

That’s what they want and that’s what’s going to happen.

The sixth prediction, people will stop using all of the social platforms out there.

Individuals are going to start focusing their time and efforts on the main social networks.

There’s just too many options out there and there’s not enough time in the day.

For that reason, they’re just going to focus on the social networks that they like so you’re going to have to figure out how to market to people on different channels.

So yeah, as a business, you may target all of them but you’re going to figure out how to do campaigns and how to create content that works for each social network because what people like on Instagram, they may not like on Facebook.

So you can’t just take your content and regurgitate it and put it on all the networks out there.

That’s what’s going to change in 2019.

It’s not going to so cool but that is going to become the reality and the last prediction I have for you is there’s not going to be too many newcomers.

When you see these newcomers blowing up, they’re going to get killed off.

Why, because all the other popular ones are just going to take their features, copy them and try to crush them.

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