October 29

Are You Getting Social Mentions? How to Find Out When Someone is Talking About You on Social Media


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Are You Getting Social Mentions? I’m going to go over the most overlooked process when it comes to social media marketing. People are always talking on social media and they’re either saying something about you good or bad so you need to know who and what they’re saying.

The first thing you need to do is check on a site called socialmention.com.

What this site does is, for free it’ll tell you who’s talking about you.

Again, when you know who’s talking about you, you can get ahead of it. You can know if you need to react or not react.

Mention.com which is a paid version, it is better, and that works, and it alerts you ahead of time, right when it happens.

Technically it’s not ahead of time, but it’s usually ahead of time before everyone else knows something is happening, right?

Because when something comes out about you or your business, it takes a few hours at least before other people know about it.

But with mention.com, you’ll get notified right away, and you could be ahead of it.

If you want a free tool, you can also use Google Alert.

I’ve been using that for ages, and the cool thing about Google Alerts is you get alerted every time someone mentions your brand or your name.

And it’s effective.

I do a combination of all three of those tools so that way I can stay ahead of it.

And now that you know when someone’s talking about you, good or bad, I’m going to share what you should be doing.

So, let’s say someone’s talking about you in a positive way, what should you do?

You shouldn’t just leave it there. You should comment.

You should say, “thanks”. You should participate.

You should email them.

You should get to know them. If you have a product or a service that you’re selling and someone’s saying amazing things and reviewing you, and they have a huge audience or a significant influence you can give them some of your products for free or your services.

That way, they’re much more likely to keep promoting you in the future.

In other words you’re turning ’em from being hey, just random one time reviewer to becoming a brand evangelist. By being a brand evangelist or having tons of ’em, you’re gonna have more and more people saying amazing things about you.

Just think about Beats by Dre. Who’s their brand evangelist?

Pretty much every celebrity out there. Anyone in the music industry or athlete, they’re all like, check out my headphones, Beats by Dre.

They’re walking when they’re going to a basketball game, like wearing the Beats by Dre. That’s all brand evangelism. And when you know who’s talking about you and you convert them into evangelists.

Now when someone talks about you poorly, what should you do?

If they’re talking about you poorly and they don’t have a big following, you can just leave it alone. But what I like doing is I love to rebuttal.

And by showing them that you’re just a kind person and you’re not trying to fight fire with fire, then you’re more likely to convert them from a hater into a lover.

No one wants haters out there.

Why can’t you have more lovers?

And you can do that. You just have to get in their good graces and take what they’re saying to heart.

So if you use these tools and you interact with people, and you do try improving, you’ll not only know who’s saying what about you and when they’re saying it, but you’ll be able to turn a lot of these people into brand evangelists.

And that’ll cause you to grow your business through marketing.

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