August 13

Facebook Video Monetization (How Profitable is it REALLY?)


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0:05 It’s Neil Patel here for another Q&A Thursday. I’m here with Adam LoDolce from

It’s “Please discuss Facebook video monetization.”, Which means Facebook is now paying creators to advertise on top of their videos. They’re taking a little bit of a playbook from the YouTube playbook where YouTube pays their creators for video content.

In other words, AdSense for videos.

2:00 I do it with my YouTube channel. So every video I release, we do run advertisements on that channel. Of course, we block any of our competitors from being able to run ads on our channel. But yeah, it’s just a little bit extra money for the business, and it kind of pays for editing and some extra stuff. But it’s certainly a very small percentage of the overall revenue of the business.

5:00 You get about $2,000-$2,500 per million views, so it’s not that much money. However, it depends on your channel and your audience. Right? Let’s say you have a golfing channel, and Rolex wants to advertise on top of your channel. You’re probably going to make a lot more from those million views than, let’s say, a relationship advice channel. So it does depend on your audience.

I’m a big believer. You drive everyone to the main source of your income and double down on that. Because the last thing you want people to do is click over and go to someone else’s website when they could be clicking over, going to your website, and buying your products or services.

5:30 In general, the way you gotta look at it is if someone is advertising on your video, whether it’s through Facebook or YouTube: 1) they’re paying the company, the network, YouTube or Facebook; 2) they’re taking a huge cut; 3) whatever portion you’re getting, sure you’re keeping it, but it’s not as high compared to if you sold your prod share service; 4) you need to keep in mind, the person who’s paying to advertise, if they keep advertising in the long run, not only are they paying a bigger fee than what you’re seeing because of the middleman taking cut, but they’re making a killing because they have to recuperate their costs from whatever product or service that they’re selling.

6:00 So if you turn on ads, you should also look at who are the people advertising, what are they selling, and can you take ideas from that and create your product or service? Now I’m saying YouTube ads, Facebook ads are terrible. Because some people are too lazy to create their products, keep updating their site, put in the time and effort to do support, whatever it may be. If that’s you, then create videos because that’s what you love doing.

If you want to make more money, you need to create your products or services.

6:30 There are way more people like Adam or me who know how to make money just by creating a channel, making it popular within your niche, and it’s more consistent, and it’s easier. Being the Logan and Jake Paul, the problem with that model is either you’re extremely popular, and you’ll make money. If you’re in between or somewhat popular, you won’t see much money at all.

7:00 Thank you for watching this week’s Q&A Thursday video. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. If you want your comment, or question more so, answered on next week’s Q&A Thursday video, leave a comment below, Either way, I’ll respond and answer it. Thank you for watching. Share, comment, like, subscribe. I appreciate everything.


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