August 24

How To Grow Your Business Through Word-Of-Mouth Marketing


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0:05 Now if you take care of your customers, you do what’s best for them, eventually not only are they going to keep coming back and buying again from you, but they’re going to tell other people about it. It’s funny, everyone these days is trying to optimize to rank higher on Google, to be popular on Facebook, to be popular on Instagram because that’s how they believe they’re going to grow their business.

0:30 Sure, those things do help. But, the real core reason companies become big is because they solve problems and they do it better than anyone else. If you create an amazing product or service, like look at Slack, for example. People love it. They weren’t the first into space, but they’re a more usable product. They didn’t do much marketing, and it just started growing. If you look at the marketing that they started doing when they raised the money, they were doing television ads with all these animals in their tv commercials.

1:00 No one understood what Slack was based on that tv commercial. But, you know what, they’re still a multi-mil billion, not even a million, they’re a multi-billion dollar company, and it’s because they create an amazing product. And when you create an amazing product or service, that generates more Word of Mouth Marketing, which is the best form out there. If you think about shoes, running shoes, what brand are you going to buy? It’s probably Nike because everyone talks about Nike. They know it’s amazing. Same with credit cards. You’re going to either pick Visa, Master Card, American Express because everyone talks about them.

1:30 Their brand is everywhere. People have had amazing customer experiences with some of these brands. And whatever you look at when it comes to a product or service that you admire, or even a company, like Amazon. A lot of these companies are growing not because of their marketing efforts. They’re growing because of Word of Mouth Marketing. And that’s not created by being popular on Instagram or being popular on Facebook. That’s truly built by providing an amazing product or service, caring for your customers, being the best out there.

2:15 Look at Zappos. Zappos moved their company from Silicon Valley to Vegas, because they needed a more affordable way to do support. They were able to do that in Las Vegas. And their big belief was to provide the best service out there. So when you would call Zappos, and you’d make an order, in many cases even though you paid for ground shipping, they would just randomly give you overnight shipping on your shoes for free. Why? Because they cared about you. They want to give you such an amazing experience that you would tell your friends about them. And that’s what caused them to get bought out and being worth now, these days, well over a billion dollars.


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