January 31

How to Grow Your Business Using Video on LinkedIn | Neil Patel


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In this video I’m going to share with you how to grow your business using video on LinkedIn. Do you want to get more video views? LinkedIn lacks video content and users are craving for it. If you just upload a video, you will get way more traffic on Linkedin then you will if you just posted an update that’s text related. In most cases you’ll see a four, five X difference.

In this video I’m going to teach you several hacks that will get you the most out of your videos that you upload to Linkedin.


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Here’s the thing with Linkedin, they lack video content and they’re craving for it. So much so where if you just upload a video, you will get way more traffic on Linkedin then you will if you just posted an update that’s text related. I kid you not, in most cases you’ll see a four, five X difference. That’s a one simple hack and of course if you enjoy this, make sure you subscribe to this channel cause I have more tips, but don’t worry we’re not done there yet. I’m going to teach you some other hacks that will get you the most out of your videos that you upload to Linkedin.

So the first tip I have for you is upload a SRT file. What most people don’t realize about Linkedin is a lot of their videos are autoplay, people at work when they’re on Linkedin, they’re not hearing what’s happening If you have a SRT file, that’s all that text is happening in the videos, that allows people to follow along without their speakers. You could go to Rev.com, get your video transcribed and upload that transcription into Linkedin. In addition to that, with Linkedin when you’re uploading a video you’re writing a description about that video. You can use tools like Ubersuggest that will tell you all the popular keywords you should go after. That’s the second thing you want to do. Leverage popular keywords, not just in your description when you’re uploading a video but also when you’re using tags on Linkedin cause you can use tags, a lot of the tags I use are like digital marketing, hashtag seo, hashtag google analytics, these are all phrases that get searched a lot, which helps me get more traffic.

The next tip I have for you is the first line in your Linkedin description should be a short, one sentence. The moment people click see more, cause when you use short short sentences, Linkedin cuts it off, you have click see more to read the rest, Linkedin’s like, Oh people are engaging They’re clicking see more. That causes your video to go much more viral.

The next tip is to respond to every comment, answering it and of course asking another comment. When you do that, it’ll encourage more and more comments and that’s one of the main factors in Linkedin’s algorithm, they’re purely looking at comments. The more you can get the better off you’re going to do. So encourage em and also respond to em as fast as possible right when they come in, cause that’ll cause people to keep coming back and leaving more and more comments. And last but not least, when you’re recording videos on Linkedin, I already mentioned that comments do wonderful things. In your video, just ask people to leave a comment and ask them a question. When you do that and they leave more comments, you’ll naturally go more viral on Linkedin.

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