September 9

How to Increase The Average Order Value For Your Ecommerce Shop


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One simple way to make more money from your ecommerce shop is to get each customer to spend more.

By increasing your average order value you can increase your revenue and profit margins.

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Here are a few simple ways to increase your average order value:

1. Add upsells – upon check out offer complimentary products that people can buy from you. This is a simple way to increase your average order value by over 10 percent.

If you are on Shopify use a plugin called one click upsell.

2. Bundle products – if someone is buying a camera, why not let them buy a camera and lens together. They need both in order to take pictures. Bundling is a simple way to get people to spend more.

3. Show related products – on your product listing pages show similar products. From competing products to complimentary ones, listing options on product listing pages is a great way to boost your revenue.

Follow those 3 steps and your average order value will increase.


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