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How to Turn Passion into Profit | Tips to Turn Your Dreams into a Killer Career


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Here’s some behind the scenes footage of Neil Patel teaching you that, if you have a passion, you can make money.

You can always make money. You can turn your passion into profit.

Look at those paintings by Picasso.

Yes, for most people their passion will not make them money because they’re just like, “Oh, I’m going to get a college degree in painting, and then I’m going to be a painter, and I don’t know how to make money.”

If you take the conventional route, everyone else takes, you probably won’t make money because you have to compete with tons of other people.

I can say the same thing about being a lawyer.

A lot of people tell me that it’s hard to find a job when you graduate from law school because there are too many lawyers out there.

Take the conventional route, and you won’t do well.

My friend Sasha, she had the same problem.

She went around with the mindset, “I graduated from law school. No one’s going to give me a job. After a year no one gave me a job. I can’t make money. This career is useless.”

And then I suggested she go to networking events, go out there, talk to people who need help with their legal advice, and do it for pennies on the dollar.

She started to do that, and her mindset flipped. It became, “Wow, I’m starting to make money. Now clients are sending me more customers. I can charge a bit more.”

Within two years, her yearly income increased to over six figures.

She had some expenses in there, but her profit was around $80,000.

It’s not bad after a few years.

No law firm would hire her but yet she was still doing it on her own.

You can turn your passion into profit as an artist.

You can find out what’s cool and hip out there.

You can see what’s trending.

Why not paint that stuff?

Set up Facebook ads and sell your passion.

You have a credit card; Facebook ads are around $30.

There is no reason you can’t make money as an artist. You just have to be creative.

If you take the traditional route with everything, you won’t do well.

But if you’re willing to put in some hard work and some creativity you can turn passion into profit.

There are most likely many people out there who would love to commission an artist for portraits or creative work, but they’re too busy, or they think art is too expensive or the artist that they’re a fan of is unreachable.

You can reach out to other, successful artists you know and make a deal with them.

Ask the artist for leads who can’t afford the prices, charge them one-tenth and give the artist a 10% kickback for any leads they send your way.

It’s free money for the artist, and they’re not doing anything with those leads anyways.

Let the leads know that your quality won’t be as good and that you’re not associated with the artist, but you are affordable.

That’s being creative. That’s how to turn passion into profit.


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