Keyword Research SEO Tutorial | Full Course on Finding Valuable Keywords in 2022

in make money on January 10, 2022

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In this complete keyword research SEO tutorial, I cover keyword research for SEO, how to find the best keywords to rank for, how to find upcoming and trending keywords, how to conduct competitor analysis, and how to test the viability of ranking for your target keywords.

I use these keyword research tactics to generate over 500,000 monthly visitors to my blog (over 10 million visitors since launching in 2019).

0:00 Keyword Research for SEO
0:56 Finding Affiliate Revenue Keywords
2:31 Finding Informational Keywords
4:43 How to Spot Trending Keywords
6:22 Conducting Competitor Analysis
9:22 Can I Actually Rank for That?
13:22 Testing Ranking Viability

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