March 22

My 4 Step Morning Routine for Productivity and Success


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How it’s important to be successful in life, do you have a specific morning routine that you follow day to day?

0:30 Morning Routine Step #1 Wake Up Early
I do have a morning routine, it’s not the most entertaining, and I don’t know if you guys want to hear it, but my routine is, I wake up around five am, I don’t set an alarm I wake up around five am.

0:40 Morning Routine Step #2 Check and Respond to Email
My TV is on CNBC; I believe it’s CNBC, you know hearing about the market, the futures, what’s happening in the business world. I get up; I check my emails, technically I’m in bed, my phone’s out, I check my emails, bust out my laptop, check my emails, start responding to most of them. I do that for around 20, 30 minutes.

1:00 Morning Routine Step #3 Workout
I’ll go to the gym depending on the day, but most days I go to the gym. Then I’ll come back. I do an efficient workout where I work out for roughly 35 minutes. It’s one minute on a bicycle and one minute doing like some CrossFit exercises. I go to a place called Base Camp Fitness.

1:30 Morning Routine Step #4 Eat a Healthy Breakfast and Tackle the Day
Then from there, I go back, I take a shower. I eat breakfast. I start working. And I’m typically working while I do breakfast. The rest of my day is meetings, phone calls, responding to emails, and that’s mainly it. I try to keep it simple.

I try to compact my meetings throughout my days, and I try to take all of my emails, and I try to respond to them during a certain period. So I don’t want to do emails throughout the whole day, I’ll do them in chunks, that way I can stay efficient.

And I set up my day based on tasks, so during my day, I have a task list. And each day, other people within my company or organization are putting in tasks assigned me, and I make sure I get them done throughout the day. If no one is assigning me tasks, I know what I need to get done, I put my tasks early in the morning, and I make sure I get them throughout the day.

I like a sense of accomplishment. I don’t like ending my day without completing my tasks.

If you want to do a morning routine, don’t copy mine, do what works for you, but the biggest thing that I learned about routines, if you want to be accomplished or feel accomplished as an entrepreneur, or feel like you’re getting stuff done, and more so actually getting stuff done, make sure you have a daily task list.

Here’s what I mean by daily, if you can’t finish that specific thing within that day, it shouldn’t take up your whole day, it should take a small portion of your day, it’s too big. You need to break it down smaller and smaller. When you can put it on your daily task list, and you accomplish everything throughout that day, you’ve done well.

Eventually, you’ll see progress in your business, your marketing, you’ll accomplish more. You’ll feel that hey prideful. You’ll feel that you’re doing some good within your business whatever it may be. It’ll also help motivate you and give you more energy, so you keep going day after day. But have that task list, make it small enough, and accomplish it every single day.

Never go a day without accomplishing your tasks. The moment you do that, you’ll start missing them the next day the next week, it’ll create a snowball effect. But by accomplishing them every single day, it may not seem like a lot, because these are small tasks, but they’ll all add up, and that’s what’ll help you fulfill your dream and accomplish your goals. It’s that simple. Start off with that one thing.


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