January 15

My Management Style Secrets | How to Grow Any Business (Churn and Burn Model)


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Here are my management style secrets.

You find one person who’s a hard worker and process-oriented, and you make them do all the work.

I’m a terrible manager.

I hate managing.

My management style is to find one person who does it all and overpay them.

I only hire smart people, so then that way, I don’t have to deal with people that need to be trained or people that need to be taught.

Hire really skilled people, overpay, and then we hold Lunch and Learn meetings, to roll-out new marketing strategies.

I’ll teach the new strategy to the production team, we record it, and then, boom, you have the recording on file for future training purposes.

We created this marketing doc, and I think right now we’re at 176 steps and growing.

Anytime we have a customer, a client, or we’re doing marketing internally, we just go down the list.

You do one, number two, number three.

So, if you want to know my management style secrets, here’s what you have to do.

Overpay, especially in marketing, hire the best, hire people who are experimenting and learning.

Don’t hire people who only want to clock in for a 9-5 job.

I love hiring marketers who have their own side-gigs and projects.

They can experiment on their side gigs and bring what they’ve learned to my company and in turn we expand and grow.

That’s my management style. It works well for me.

I don’t like going into the office.

I’m not going to ever manage 20, 30 people.

I just find two or three or four people who can do everything I need, and I work with them and communicate with them on a daily basis, and that’s it.

I typically look for people who are struggling and had a good job but didn’t get paid well.

Mike came from the car dealership industry where the car dealership he was running struggling, and he had to figure out how to hire people, make it grow, and be creative.

I’m not looking for people who know marketing.

I’m looking for people who know how to hire, who know how to fire, who are creative, who can build up processes.

I have this churn and burn model, although that sounds bad.

I’ll hire a few people, test them out, or live with them, I have a house, with empty rooms and they come and stay with me for a trial period.

They have to be able to learn on their own, just pick up from listening to me talk about marketing and eventually they learn the ropes.

They have to come up with creative strategies on how to make more money for the business.

I look for people who are entrepreneurs but don’t have the capital.

I bring them into my business, I’ll give them profit-sharing or revenue sharing, and I make deals where they have to figure out how to grow the business.

Usually, the ones who know how to manage are process-oriented and are creative rise to the top.

It’s expensive. It’s not cheap.

You’ll pay well into the hundreds of thousands using this management style, if not millions, but it’s worth it in the end.

So, as long as you’re willing to pay, it’s worth it, because they will make you way more money than what they cost you in the long run.


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