June 16

Social Media Strategies To Boost Your SEO


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The big thing is, when you’re thinking about social, how can you end up creating a system to create content at mass scale and think of this piece of content as experiments? Not all the same type of content, different types of content. And then you can end up figuring out what’s going to hit and what’s not.


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If you look at the opportunity right now, podcasting is booming, very little competition, adoption rates going through the roof. But when you look at podcasting, if you don’t like doing audio, you don’t like doing interviews, don’t force yourself to do it. There’s a lot of different channels out there. And if you want to do video instead, do video. If you want to do text-based content, instead, do that. You want to do audio only do that.

Like it literally is up to you. And it doesn’t always have to just be one or the other. You can also repurpose. If I do a text-based piece of content, I don’t like video. I can have someone on my team repurpose it and make it into video. Or I can have someone else on my team create a podcast out of it if I don’t like to do audio.

It’s not about should you get into video or not? You should get into video. You should get into podcasts. And you should get into text-based content. The question is, are you the right person to do it? Do you need to partner with someone? Do you need to hire someone? There’s many different solutions, but you should use them all.

The web’s gone omnichannel. If you want to do well these days, you can just do SEO or content marketing or social media marketing. You have to go omnichannel, leverage all the platforms.

And the more people you outreach to, the more likely someone’s going to say yes. Now I, myself don’t see myself as an influencer or someone who’s successful or anything like that. But you outreached to me. I said, yes.

The one thing I always just tell people is, especially if you’re going to get into the influencer game, you don’t have to flash to do well. I think flashing is overrated. Just be yourself. And if people accept you for who you are, great. If they can’t, then that’s their loss because they’re missing out on getting to know amazing person.

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