October 29

What Is the Best Time to Tweet? | Here’s My Twitter Schedule!


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Should you be tweeting at 8 am, or 7 pm or 5 am or noon?

Who knows right?

Well, there is an answer, but it’s not the answer that you’re probably expecting.

Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with the best time to tweet.

It’s not a specific time like 8 am or noon or 12 pm.

See I used to believe in that, when I used to tweet a handful of times a day, I would not get more than 5000 visitors a month from Twitter and of course my stats change all the time because depending on what I’m tweeting and how many times I’m linking out to my website and each month, and the type of articles change, but in general if I tweeted three times a day, I wouldn’t get more than 5000 visitors a month.

Now I’m tweeting up to 40 times a day, can you believe that?

From three to 40, that’s a crazy increase, and you know what happened when I went all the way up to 40?

Over the last 30 days, I generated roughly 22,000 visitors a month from Twitter, that’s crazy. 5,000 to 22,000 huge increase.

The point I’m getting at is you shouldn’t be tweeting during a specific time of the day; you should be tweeting throughout the day, from morning to night to when people are sleeping, there are people all around the world.

When you’re sleeping someone else is awake, so why not tweet and engage? Business never rests, you want to do well be out there every single hour of the day.

And no I’m not saying you can’t sleep, you can use tools like Meet Edgar which will make the whole process easier in which it can keep promoting your content 24/7 so that way you can generate traffic from social sites like Twitter even when you’re sleeping.

So I know you’re not left with a specific answer to what is the best time to tweet like 5 am or 8 am or noon, but you should’ve learned by now hopefully by watching this video, you need to be tweeting multiple times a day.

Ideally once per hour, and you need to be doing this seven days a week whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving or a different holiday, still be out there on Twitter, tweet, and schedule all of this out, you can use Buffer or tools like Meet Edgar.


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