March 22

Why I DON’T Share My Personal Life On Social Media (TRUE STORY)


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I’m not a fan of sharing my personal life on social media because people use it against you. When you talk about family, I don’t know, I’m just private, and I don’t care for people to know about my family. That’s between my family and me. Nothing’s wrong, we’re all happy, everything’s hunky-dory, but I just don’t want to let them in on my niece and nephew’s life, or my personal life, or am I dating someone or am I not.

It’s like my life is my life and I’d rather just people stay out of it. I’m not famous or anything like that. I just like my life being to myself. Another reason why I don’t share everything, and I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but as your business grows– and I’m not saying I’m more successful than other people, you tend to get sued quite often. And I’ve been sued for the silliest things, like referring someone to a friend who does a good job or just not even a friend, referring someone to a company to do work, I don’t get a kickback or anything, and they’re not happy with that person for whatever reasons.

I tell them on the phone, make sure you vet them, check references, get case studies, whatever, don’t rely on my word. Make sure you’re happy with them before you write them a check. Then they come back, they’re not happy and they sue me, or they leave nasty comments on Facebook, and they expect me to pay because I have money. They’re like, “Well, you referred me.” And I’m like, “You didn’t sign a contract with me, “you signed it with someone else.”

I recently had this with someone, and I wrote them a 10,000, or five or 10, or whatever thousand dollar PayPal payment, just to get them out of my hair. I think it was 10,000 bucks. And they were like, “Thank you, you referred them.” I was like, “Well, I don’t work with them, so …” And they’re just like, “Well, you should.” They’re like, “I’m a small to medium business.”

The more you show personally, it just causes more problems because everyone’s like, “You have money. “You have this so you should take care of me.” Or when I referred people to others, I even got sued and got letters from lawyers being like, “You owe us all of this money back.” I’m like, “You signed a $150,000 contract with someone else. “It didn’t work out, so you expect me to pay you $150,000?” And I still have costs because I have to deal with this legally.

For all of you out there who are sharing stuff on the social web, there’s nothing wrong with it. I wish I could do it in a nice, friendly way and not get too many people coming back at me and using it against me. In most cases, 99.99% of you guys are awesome.

When I share a family photo or anything, you guys are commenting. You know, I’ve left pictures of my family in Indian outfits or me in an Indian outfit, and I love the comments that I get from all of you guys and it brings joy to my life. But when you get too personal, and you share things, like where do you live, I don’t have a car, but people assume things, and when you get personal with social media, a lot of your personal life just comes in.

I’m afraid that people will use it against me because I’ve already had a lot of lawsuits and issues like that. And that’s really why I don’t get too personal on the social web. In addition to that, I know many of you guys have like the latest iPhone or whatever. I still have an old device, right? It’s not fancy. I don’t pay a lot of money for phones. I’m not one who wants to be holding up a camera and being like, “Hey, guys, check out my latest “Instagram story.”

Again, for many of you guys who love that, nothing wrong with it. Yes, you can generate leads and sales with it, right? You do an Instagram story; you can have people swipe up to go to your website and drive conversions. But I don’t think all of life should be about sharing and capturing the moments. I’m a big believer in just living in the moment, and I’ll keep a mental note of it. I’ll enjoy that moment for what it is in life, and that’s it.

I’m happy to be living in the moment versus being like, “Oh, my God, perfect lighting, “let’s take a picture.” That’s just not me. I’d rather experience things with friends, family, and have it to myself, and not worry about capturing it or taking a picture, because for me, if I’m in the moment, I’ll remember it. And that’s good enough.


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