September 4

Why You Should NEVER Burn Bridges In Business


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In business it’s inevitable that you’re going to get screwed over, still, you should NEVER burn bridges. No matter what. ►Subscribe: to learn more secret SEO tips.
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If you’re in business and you expect everything’s gonna go all amazing and great and everything’s just flowers all the time and colored rainbows, it’s not gonna happen. You’re gonna get screwed over. But when you get screwed over, I want you to do something. I don’t want you to burn the bridge. Instead, try to solve the situation with a solution or an agreement that works for both parties. If they’re not willing to, that’s okay. Don’t badmouth them, don’t leave bad reviews. Yeah, you may end up telling your friends how you got ripped off, or whatever it may be, and sure, you may have to let off some steam here and there, but don’t publicly humiliate them, ruin their reputation or anything like that.

I believe in karma, in which, when I do good things to others, hopefully, it’ll come around and good things will happen to me. It may not always work that way, but that’s okay. Life is too short to burn bridges and try to screw other people over. When bad things happen, you know what? Just look at it, maybe they’re in a better, hopefully by them messing you over put them in a better situation where they can live a better life. And here’s what I mean by that.

I once did a deal in Rockwall, Texas, where I gave people money in a credit cloud computing company. This was a long time ago before Amazon web services and companies like that existed. Lost over a million dollars, they stole money from me. One of the ladies said she had cancer when she did it, I paid for the treatment, even though there was no treatment. And I know where she lives, yeah, I never went after the money. It’s not because I don’t want my money back, but she has children. Why would I wanna screw over her children’s lives just because something she did. Life is too short, forgive and forget, and hopefully, her kids live a better life and they pay it forward one day. So when bad things happen to you, don’t burn bridges. Just look for the positive in everything. Look at it as a learning experience. Move forward and try to make the best out of it.


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