August 16

Why You Shouldn’t Boost Your Facebook Posts


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Facebook is an amazing platform and most businesses should consider advertising on it. But one form of advertising that is a waste of money is boosting your posts. Here’s why you should stop boosting Facebook posts now.

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When you boost your post you will get traffic as long as you pay, but the moment you stop paying, your traffic will eventually die down.

The issue with post boosts is that sending traffic to a blog post typically won’t drive sales. In most cases, you will spend well above what you generate in income when boosting posts.

The reason being is 99% of blog posts aren’t written to boost conversions or collect emails. They are written to educate or entertain.

Now if you happen to be an amazing copywriter, by all means, you can boost posts if it makes financial sense, but in most cases, you won’t be able to run a profit.

By no means am I telling you to not advertise on Facebook, instead I am saying that you should consider other forms of Facebook advertising other than boosting posts.

For example, a lot of businesses are generating profit from Facebook by sending ad traffic to e-commerce landing pages. Or by sending traffic to webinar sign ups. The possibilities are endless.


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